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Get to Know the Brazilian City of São Luís

For more than 40 years, Great Cities Missions has successfully started churches in large, urban settings in Latin America. In Brazil alone, they have established, thriving churches in 19 of the 26 state capitals. One of the remaining influential capitals is São Luís, Maranhao.

São Luís is the largest city in the state of Maranhao and has a population of more than one million people. It was founded in 1612, and even after more than 400 years, it still does not have an established church of Christ within the capital city. São Luís is located in the Northeast part of the country and is on an island, where the only automobile access is over a bridge.

Portuguese is the official national language, and thus the primary language taught in schools, but English and Spanish are part of the official high school curriculum.

São Luís is known for its tiles, and most buildings in the historical center are covered in them. The city is known as "The Tiles City" and "Brazilian Athens".

The historic center of São Luís is an enchanting neighborhood of steamy cobbled streets and pastel-colored colonial mansions -- some handsomely restored, but many still deep in tropical decay.

It’s a charming area with a unique atmosphere and one of the best concentrations of museums, galleries and craft stores in the Northeast; but unfortunately, a general sketchiness pervades some of its streets after dark.

São Luís is ready and asking for workers for the kingdom, and the São Luís Mission Team is ready and willing to answer those requests. The average monthly wage in São Luís is approximately $500. Both the physical and spiritual needs of the souls of this city is compelling for a love in action.


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