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Preaching in Portuguese?

Do you ever have questions for God? You set your mind and heart to do some good thing you feel called to do. Something you have a Holy passion to do. To serve others and love God at the same time! Then as you get into it you start to better appreciate the dimensions, the complexity, and the sacrifice required. You start to feel a little tired but there is still along way to go. And that realization can sometimes stir fear and doubt and questions! The questions are not directed at God's power to do but maybe it's more like , “God how are you going to do this...with me?” This is a big and complex task and I don't know if I am enough. Smart enough? Strong enough? Righteous enough? Where do we begin? What if our plans don’t work? What if we mess up? Have you ever been there?

A few weeks ago we received an email requesting a video from the mission committee at Western Hills Church of Christ in Temple. The request was for a video showing some of what has been going on in Sao Luis in the past two months. We were excited to accepts the request but had little idea of how to show what our experience is like here. How can we describe the experience of meeting people and making new contacts pretty much everywhere we go. We are a novelty here and people want to meet us and know why we are here. We thought that would be difficult to communicate. :) We decided that we should take the GoPro out with us to get some video of our daily commute - a 15 minute walk. We take the kids to school and then walk to language class. So Mark attached the GoPro to his chest and we got going. Just after dropping the kids off we ran into one of Jude’s teachers. We said “bom dia” and started talking about the past weekend. (He speaks English). We told him that we had attended a church over the weekend and was excited by that! He told us that he had preached for his congregation about 20 km from the city. Watch this 1min:47 to see it for yourself!

Doubt and Fear:Ways of thinking that keep us paralyzed! Jesus said something simple once...Go! It’s pretty amazing what He will do with a mustard seed of courage! This was a great reminder for us here in Sao Luis to just get out and go, smile, greet, care, share! Thank you Father for this encouragement!

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