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Birthday gift from God

1.5 yrs ago the "husbands" of the team visited Maple Bear school while on their survey trip in Sao Luis. We all have various needs for each of our children and a lot of thought and prayer went into making choices we hoped would help them adapt to our big move! School choices were mulled over for a long time! We came to a point that we all wanted to send our children to Maple Bear so, we mailed a deposit, began registration and scheduled a meeting for the beginning of the January way back in October 2017!

On arrival from our new departure date of Jan. 16th, we regrouped and reset our meetings in hopes that the children could still begin school on day one. That meant on Jan. 18th, our first "real" day in Sao Luis, getting to Maple Bear was first on the agenda. We met the director, got the kids enrolled for school, had a family interviews and picked up uniforms to have the kids ready to meet their classmates on Jan. 22nd. 

During our family interview, which fell on my (Melynda's) birthday, we were given a gift straight from God! We were told that Jude would be enrolled in year 5 and that it was very special to this class to have Jude as a classmate. Last year, as part of their character development program, the then year 4 class, had done lessons and activities and read a book called, The Thing about Georgie.They were excited to meet Jude and apply the understanding they had learned from the past year. Can you guess what the thing about Georgie might be??? 

Read a sample of The Thing about Georgie

Jude is in class this year surrounded by students who God prepared a year ago to accept him and have an understanding already of the things he may face! My mamma heart could not have been given a better gift for my birthday!

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